Measure your carbon impacts with our platform and our team of experts

Build your own carbon strategy

> Measure your entity's greenhouse gas emissions using the most recognized market standards: GHG Protocol or ADEME
> Choose from our various offerings based on your challenges and organization
> Conduct your assessment independently through our platform or obtain a certified and comprehensive assessment conducted by our experts

Measure simply but effectively

> We train contributors and stakeholders according to ADEME's recommended methods
> We assist you in mapping the flows to identify your emission sources across all three scopes and define your boundaries
> Gain precision through the collection and categorization of your emission data according to your needs: by scope, site, subsidiary, emission factors, geographic area, etc.

Take action

> Obtain your Carbon Footprint Report and directly visualize your carbon performance and trajectories in the platform using intuitive and customized dashboards
> Compare the results of your entities (subsidiary, participation, etc.) and identify best practices
> Build and manage your transition plan by leveraging a library of decarbonization action plans directly integrated into Greenscope.
> Support your entities or participations in managing and reducing their carbon footprint

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