What we believe in

Our mission is to help investors and companies act responsibly towards the environment and society.

"Tomorrow's leaders are the companies that are already aligning their interests with those of society and the planet.

Greenscope has chosen to be a key partner for these companies, contributing with them to the creation of a more sustainable economy."

Jean-Emmanuel Challan Belval
CEO & Co-founder
Greenscope was created in february 2022 by 4 highly experienced executives in international business & operations, and with a unique expertise in tech, data and ESG.

Greenscope has rapidly established itself as a leader in ESG innovation. Winning in particular several international awards and certifications and program.

Today, Greenscope represents more than 500 companies reporting on the platform, accompanied by ESG experts, to write a more sustainable future.
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From left to right : Grégoire ETIENNE, Jean-Emmanuel CHALLAN-BELVAL, Eric CHEA, Pierre-Edouard MONTABRUN
We collect, analyze and communicate ESG data from companies and financial players in an all-in-one, intuitive, collaborative and intelligent SaaS tool where data is fully exploited.

Our awards

Because we believe that economic development must be compatible with the preservation of our planet, we decided to create appropiate solutions and advice to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Our values


The purpose of our action is to build a sustainable future for all, and to have a postive impact on society, the environment and the communities in which we operate.


At Greenscope, everyone is responsible for his or her own area of responsibility in order to achieve their objectives, in the service of the organisation and its clients.


In the face of the challenges ahead of us, we are not being defeatist, we dare to innovate alongside our clients


We work together as a team not only within Greenscope but also with our clients to help them.                                


We want our teams to be happy to be together, to have the opportunity to work seriously in a positive spirit of mutual support.

We are hiring !

If you recognize yourself in these 5 values and would like to put your skills to work for the sustainable transition of the economy, don't hesitate to take a look at our offers on a regular basis.

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