Control your risks. Clear your perspectives

Assessing ESG risks and opportunities at the heart of your challenges

> It's no longer possible to ignore ESG considerations in your business. Monitoring CSR performance and taking associated risks into account is now an essential part of your corporate strategy.
> Let Greenscope help you meet this challenge.

Conduct your double materiality analysis

> Select the sustainability stakes specific to your organization based on ESRS (EFRAG standards). Supplement with other external sources (GRI, SASB, etc.) and sectoral best practices from our platform
> Define the associated impacts, risks, and opportunities (IROs)
> Assess the impact and financial materiality with your internal and external stakeholders
> Validate the applicable data points and Disclosure requirements for your issues

Identify the sustainability risks and opportunities of your investments

> ESG due diligence: our teams can help you identify the risks and opportunities associated with ESG issues. As part of a transaction or an unsolicited request (audit), use Greenscope to draw up an inventory of the risks to which you may be exposed.
> Benchmark your practices against those of your competitors, and take the right measures to improve your performance
> Automatically calculate your PAI and assess the impact of your investments in line with SFDR regulations

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