New expectations and challenges for investors

The introduction of new directives such as the SFDR in 2021 and the CSRD from 2024 has altered expectations for funds and their holdings, demanding more monitoring and transparency in sustainability. At Greenscope, we believe this regulatory shift should be leveraged and form the foundation of your future strategy

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Collect your ESG data and analyze your performance and that of your holdings

Guide your decisions and create a sustainable strategy

Communicate your performance and comply with regulations

Take control of your ESG performance

Simplify data collection with our advanced features (API connectors, AI assistance, standards library, external data, etc.)

Measure your impacts with advanced calculators (GHG proxy, carbon calculator, materiality scanner)

Master ESG analysis: secure your data with our automatic controls and analyst team verification, compare using our scoring module and integrated benchmarks, and quickly visualize key information in custom reports

Transform your data into value and identify your non-financial performance levers: regulatory alignment, ESG summary sheets, and action plan tracking

Achieve your sustainability goals, support your holdings, and meet investor requirements

SFDR : automatically calculate your PAIs and evaluate the impacts of your investments in compliance with regulations

CSRD : support your holdings in their regulatory compliance efforts and the implementation of a sustainable strategy

EU Taxonomy alignment : identify your eligible activities and contribution criteria, and generate compliant reports tailored to your organization

Carbon Footprint : measure your footprint and guide your decisions. Get support from our experts to obtain a certified assessment according to ADEME and GHG Protocol methodologies

Biodiversity : identify the ecosystem services your activities depend on (ENCORE database, CBF standards, SBTn matrices), assess your dependency level, and build custom dashboards

Sustainability challenges are growing, and we won't leave you on your own

Our team of experts supports you to ensure the success of your ESG projects: ESG due diligence, diagnostics and priorities, decarbonization plan, sustainability trajectory, transition plan, and more

Because success will only be achieved collectively, we organize events and train your employees to gain their commitment

Security as a priority

Our infrastructure is hosted by SOC-compliant and ISO 27001 certified providers

We conduct an annual audit to ensure the security of our services and the strict isolation criteria applied to our clients

GDPR compliance guaranteed