Meet the CSRD challenge and integrate ESG issues into your strategy

Conduct your double materiality analysis

> Select the sustainability stakes specific to your organization based on ESRS (EFRAG standards). Supplement with other external sources (GRI, SASB, etc.) and sectoral best practices from our platform
> Define the associated impacts, risks, and opportunities (IROs)
> Assess the impact and financial materiality with your internal and external stakeholders
> Validate the applicable data points and Disclosure requirements for your issues

Make decisions based on deviations from regulatory requirements

> Describe the data to be collected within your organization (including the collection process)
> Carry out a gap analysis, diagnose and identify your level of maturity in order to achieve compliance and improve your ESG performance
> Take advantage of our experts' experience to draw up your recommendations and build a roadmap for improving your material challenges

Prepare, launch and manage your fundraising campaigns

> Set up your questionnaires according to your needs (assignment of contributors, description of expectations, validation process, etc.)
> Accelerate data collection by uploading your ESG histories & reports, our platform automatically pre-completes the questionnaires
> This approach is new, train your contributors with our experts
> Launch your campaign and let your stakeholders complete it. What happens next? Simply leave the follow-up to our teams

Everything you need to know & see in a single platform

> Design your CSRD dashboards with the project team and choose the indicators to be displayed in your target CSRD report
> A mastered CSRD report: define the structure and design of your sustainability report and get ready for the audit phase

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