Measure and reduce your dependence and impact on biodiversity

> The erosion of biodiversity has been identified as the 3rd most important risk for the global economy*. To illustrate this risk, 42% of assets held by the financial sector are directly dependent on living organisms**
> 5 main erosion factors have been identified and need to be analyzed and made more transparent
> Meet the challenges of compliance and sustainability with Greenscope

Understand your dependence on ecosystem services

> Identification of the ecosystem services on which activities depend (ENCORE database)
> Evaluation of the level of dependence with a % of intensity (scale from 1 to 100 & sectoral proxy)
> Dynamic display and breakdown of dependencies according to your needs: by intensity, by ecosystem service, etc.
> Our teams combine their expertise with the use of tools (CBF IDL methods) and reference analysis frameworks (ENCORE, SBTN) to assess your impacts & dependencies.

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