The CSRD, which came into effect in January 2024, requires companies and SMEs to publish precise and standardized data on environmental, social, and governance issues

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Step 1 

Identify your material issues and conduct a double materiality analysis

• Identify your stakeholders, describe your value chain and business model
• Define a universe of material issues for your organization and get a double materiality matrix (physical andfinancial)
• Identify the data points to be collected as part of your CSRD reporting

Step 2

Plan your data collection from your various stakeholders and conduct your gap analysis

• Validate your digitized CSRD questionnaire  
• Launch the data collection campaign with your stakeholders and track its progress in real-time
• Visualize the results from theautomated gap analysis and receive recommendations from our consultants to ensure compliance

Step 3

Analyze your ESG data, drive your performance, and export your data in 1 click

• Explore your performance through interactive and scalable dashboards
• Automate the production of your CSRD report
• Receive support from our consultants throughout the compliance process, up to the preparation for audit phases!

Are you affected?

The regulation applies to +50,000 companies in Europe and abroad. This will be the case for your company from 2025 onwards if you meet at least two of the following three criteria:
• 250 employees
• > 50M€ in turnover
• > 25M€ in balance sheet

At Greenscope, our ESG expert consultants support you through all stages of CSRD reporting

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