Sustainable finance: what is the timeline for the implementation of the 2023 regulations?

Equipe Greenscope
10 octobre 2022
5 min read

ESMA has just disclosed the sustainable finance regulations calendar. In the major steps to come we can mention :

- January 2023: Taxonomy alignment calculation for companies under DPEF (NFRD) and application of SFDR RTS on the 6 Taxonomy objectives

- June 2023: 1st publication of the SFDR PAI

- January 2024: entry into force of the RTS SFDR for companies subject to the DPEF (NFRD)

❓ If these acronyms ring no bell or if you want to know more 👉

💪 For those who are on top of SFDR and Taxonomy, here is how Greenscope can simplify the reporting and management of sustainable companies and investment funds 👉 ; Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unplash.

october 2022
6 min read